What is video remote interpreting?

Our video remote interpreting service offers a quick, simple and cost effective means of communication in situations that require professional interpreting. Be that an online meeting with an international partner, legal assistance or consultation with a foreign doctor: our remote interpreters will provide you with quality language support at considerably lower costs. The only requirement is a device (a laptop, a PC or a tablet) with a good quality camera and a stable internet connection, and we are good to go.

The revolution in interpreting

Video remote interpreting is a fundamentally new way of language mediation, as it removes the necessity for the interpreter’s presence on-site. This interpreting method has been steadily gaining ground on the global scene and mainly in the USA, over the past few years. EDIMART was the first language service provider to introduce video remote interpreting services in Hungary, in late 2015.

The benefits of video remote interpreting

We manage on-site interpreting projects on a daily basis. But when the interpreter has to travel, especially abroad – for example for an international business meeting or to the location of a medical assistance case – the travel and related costs for the interpreter may cause the overall costs of the interpreting service to skyrocket. Also, interpreters are routinely required on an ASAP basis, when having to wait until they arrive at the location is simply not a feasible solution. And we haven’t yet found a reliable teleportation service provider.

This is the chief benefit video remote interpreting offers, for minor, or unexpected interpreting needs for an event either at home or abroad.

Types of video remote interpreting

Video call

If the two parties are at the same location and wish to follow the interpreting on the same device, the video call option is the optimal choice. Such events may include personal meetings with your business partners, medical assistance, legal consultation etc.

Video conference

Video conference is the perfect option if the two parties are in different locations at the time of the online meeting. Business talks with foreign partners or suppliers, remote medical consultation – just some of the examples where video conferences are the right solution.

When is video remote interpreting the right choice?

Video remote interpreting is a useful solution in almost any kind of interpreting scenario; however, our experienced project managers can help you decide whether on-site or remote interpreting is the better choice in your specific case.

The scenarios where video remote interpreting is usually the favourable option include:

  • international company meetings
  • quick consultation sessions with international suppliers and other business partners
  • minor business meetings
  • legal assistance
  • medical assistance
  • migration
  • emergency situations

Business life

Try our video remote interpreting service for your brief meetings and consultations with your international business partners in Hungary or abroad: the level and quality of the service is the same as those of the on-site interpreting, but at a considerably lower cost.

The benefits of video remote interpreting:

  • You can communicate with your international business partners and suppliers in your own language.
  • You can meet and talk with your business partners more frequently, deepening your business relationship.
  • Your colleagues can maintain more intensive contact with the company’s international business partners.
  • Video remote interpreting allows for spontaneous communication, eliminating the need to organise the meetings days in advance.


If you need medical assistance abroad, you will need to precisely understand what the doctors are saying. Professional on-site interpreting would further inflate the costs that are usually not low anyway; however, in most such cases the virtual presence of the interpreter is sufficient. Our interpreters for these medical cases are all familiar with the required medical terminology, and, in special medical cases, research the special terminology of the specific area.

The benefits of video remote interpreting:

  • You will receive precisely translated information on your health status and required medical actions.
  • The intimacy of the medical consultation is not disrupted by the presence of a third person.
  • It allows you to communicate with doctors and medical staff in your native tongue.
  • Your foreign language skills set no limits to what you can ask and comprehend.

We offer private healthcare facilities framework agreements. These allow them to offer more favourable services for patients coming from abroad or foreign residents of Hungary, by providing them with a means of communicating with the medical staff in their native tongue.


Video remote interpreting is highly relevant in the current migration situation, as there is a need for interpreting from and to less common languages, at various locations throughout the country. In these cases, interpreting typically needs to be arranged at very short notice, and at as low a cost as possible. EDIMART has been offering interpreting services for official organisations and NGO’s, in migration-related cases, for several years. We employ a team of experienced interpreters with a thorough knowledge of languages such as Pashtu, Dari, Urdu, Farsi, Arabic or Bambara.

The benefits of video remote interpreting:

  • No travelling, lodging and boarding costs for the interpreters.
  • Interpreters are available at extremely short notice, since no travelling is required.
  • Greater flexibility in choosing between male and female interpreters.



In which cases do we recommend on-site interpreting?

Our experienced interpreting services project managers will help you decide whether on-site or remote interpreting is more beneficial in your specific case.

We usually recommend on-site interpreting for conferences, as well as scheduled, prestigious diplomatic and business meetings. On-site interpreting is also more practical for business dinners, or when the parties are in motion during the event – e.g. factory or plant visits.

More information about our on-site interpreting services here


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